Links to Resources

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors:

In addition to information about the organization, there are links to many exemplary and interesting online exhibits.


British Library Philatelic Collections:

The British Library Philatelic Collections are the National Philatelic Collections of the United Kingdom. The Collections were established in 1891 with the bequest of the Tapling Collection, and now about 50 important collections or Archives are held, all of which have been acquired by donation, bequest, or transfer from Government departments.


British North America Philatelic Society, Ltd. (BNAPS):

The British North America Philatelic Society, Ltd. (BNAPS) is an international organization devoted to the collector and researcher of the stamps, postal markings, and postal history of Canada, the pre-Confederation colonies, and Newfoundland.


Canadian Aerophilatelic Society:

The CAS provides a forum for the exchange of information among Canadians who are interested in any aspect of world-wide aerophilately, and for collectors from around the world who are interested in Canadian aerophilately.


Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain:

Founded nearly seventy years ago to promote and study all aspects of philately in British North America (Canada and its Provinces).


Edmonton Stamp Club:

Official Website of the the Edmonton Stamp Club, probably the largest affiliate of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada.


Letter Box Study Group:

An active group of individuals devoted to the study of letter boxes, not limited to the United Kingdom. The Letter Box Study Group has grown to become the recognized authority on the subject.


Library and Archives Canada - Philately and Postal History:

The philatelic collections include stamps and other philatelic materials as well as archival documents on all aspects of the design and production of postage stamps and on the Canadian postal service.


New Stamps of the World:

A directory of new stamp issues. Its objective is to keep stamp collectors informed and updated about new stamp issues, and whenever possible, where to find further information.


Postal History Corner:

Postal History Corner provides detailed information regarding Canadian postal rates from the 1800s to the present day as well as a wide-range of articles dealing with Canadian stamps and postal history.


Postal History Foundation:

The mission of the Postal History Foundation is to promote an appreciation of stamp collecting and postal history through the preservation of philatelic and postal history collections, literature and documents, and the enhancement of youth education using stamps as teaching tools.


Royal Philatelic Society of Canada:

The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC) is Canada's national society for philatelists (stamp collectors, enthusiasts and aficionados).


Stamp Collecting Software and Resources:

Good source of information for collectors young and old with many links to a myriad of information about the hobby.


Trade Only Stamps:

The place to be if you want to exchange/swap stamps with other collectors World Wide. Particulary suited to the needs of the younger collector.


Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation:

The Foundation bears the name of Vincent Graves Greene who was considered to be the Dean of Canadian Philatelists. The primary purpose of the Foundation is to encourage and promote research in the fields of philately and postal history.


The Origin and History of Postcards: