Schedule of General Meetings

Provincial regulations are in a state of flux. Check back with this website before heading out to a meeting to enusre it is schedule to take place live.   

Our president David Rumpel has emailed members about the protocol to be followed during the Covid-19 pandemic 

Meeting dates have been changed to the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month except in July and August when we meet only once a month on a Tuesday. Check meeting dates below for details.

You may come as early as 6:00 PM to look at items for sale or auction and to socialize. The formal business meeting starts about 8:00 PM.

Look for us in St.. John's Cathedral Hall, 816 Spadina Crescent East, the building behind the church, set well back from Spadina Crescent. Ring the bell for the lower level to gain entrance.

The Saskatoon Stamp Club accepts donations of your extra stamps or collections you no longer wish to keep. We auction these , which helps us pay for our meeting room rent.

We will also auction your stamp collection for a small commission. You may attend the meeting the night your collection is on the auction block. For further details, click on the Contact Us tab and send a message.


General Format of Meetings as Follows:

Doors Open at 6:00 pm

Feel free to show up early to socialize, buy, sell,  and trade your  philatelic treasures with other club
members.  Selling and auction table always available.

Circuit Books 

The club alternates sources between Edmonton Stamp Club and The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada.
Finalize your purchase with Don, our Circuit Book Coordinator before the business portion of the meeting commences.

Circuit Books are now available only on the fist meeting of the month. Auctions and member sales will take place during the second meeting of the month

Business Meeting Agenda Format:

Introduction of Guests
Minutes of Previous Meeting
Old Business
New Business
Committee Reports
Club Discussion
Closing Remarks

Up-coming Meetings 2021

December 14

Up-coming Meetings 2022

January - Meetings are canceled due to community Covid status 

February 8, 22

March 8, 22

April 12, 26

May 10, 24

June 14

July no meeting

August 9

September13, 27

October 11, 25 (regular meetings)

October 29, 30 (coin and stamp show)

November 8, 22

December 13